You don't eat with your eyes here.

Dining at blindekuh is a treat for all your senses, even though your eyes won't take part in the feast. Our creative kitchen team will conjure up delicacies on your plate that don't need to be seen to be believed.

As you'd expect, we cook with fresh seasonal ingredients, and we favour regional producers. We serve up new culinary surprises every week.


14th February until 20th February 2018


Lamb’s Lettuce
Dates, Lardons
CHF 15

Cream of Carrot and Ginger Soup
Seared Giant Prawn
CHF 15

Salmon Tartar
Cucumber, Sour Cream, Wasabi
Sesame Cracker
CHF 18

Main courses

Roast Saddle of Rabbit
Natural Jus, Black Lentils
Sage Potatoes
CHF 40

Sweet Potato & Spinach Gratin
Feta Cheese, Chickpeas
CHF 26



All prices in Swiss Francs (CHF)
and inclusive of 7.7% VAT


Medley of Desserts
blindekuh Style
CHF 19

Crème Brûlée
Tonka Bean, Orange
CHF 13

Mixed Ice Cream or Sorbets
CHF 3.50
per Scoop

Special offers

Surprise menu / Table for two / Special offer


Prepare to be surprised! Why not try our Surprise menu, featuring fresh home-made dishes?

The mystery will be revealed at reception, after your meal.


Remain in the Dark
Surprise Menu
3 Course CHF 72 / 4 Course CHF 85
Vegetarian 3 Course CHF 59 / 4 Course CHF 69


Our new "Table for two" offering is available from Monday to Sunday: a tête-à-tête dinner in a genuinely aphrodisiac ambience. You feel, smell, hear and taste. You touch, explore, sense and dream. But you can't see anything. And we shall serve you a dinner that you'll find just as spellbinding as the loved one who sits opposite you. Welcome to this, the most stimulating table for two of all time!

Reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.

Menu including drink before the meal: CHF 110 per person.

Please note that this menu is not available in a vegetarian form.



*For school students and young people

Spaghetti for only CHF 20 including dessert.

If you reserve a spaghetti meal for 10 people now, you'll receive a dessert free of charge. And we'll also serve up an experience in the dark that we guarantee you'll never forget! Conditions: this offer is only valid at lunchtime for school students, trainees and apprentices aged 20 or younger. At least 10 people must participate. Beverages are charged separately.


Reservations by telephone:
Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 10.45 am and from 11.30 am to 4 pm,
and Monday to Sunday from 6 to 11 pm.

Telephone 044 421 50 50

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