blindekuh Zurich:

A commitment to blind and partially sighted people.


Definitely a place to be seen ...

Experience pleasure in its most intense form as you rely on only four of your senses. Can you tell the difference between the red wine and the white? Can you manoeuvre your fork to your lips? Our darkroom professionals will guide you safely through this culinary adventure.



You don't eat with your eyes here.

Dining at blindekuh is a treat for all your senses, even though your eyes won't take part in the feast. Our creative kitchen team will conjure up delicacies on your plate that don't need to be seen to be believed – fresh, seasonal and always a surprise.

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Specials & events:

Experience entertainment in a new light.

From nail-biting thrillers to sizzling-hot concerts – the tingle factor is always part of the programme at blindekuh. If you listen in the dark, you hear more intensely. Many renowned artistes have already appeared here – and tonight's star may even be sitting unseen at your table!

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Give someone a really brilliant treat!

Give an enlightening experience as a gift! Make a present of unforgettable moments without vision to someone and support blindekuh at the same time. You can also book our premises for private occasions such as family celebrations, company parties or other events.

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Seats available:

Sunday 23th June 30 seats
Thusday 25th June 35 seats
Wednesday 26th June 25 seats
Thursday 27th June 20 seats
Sunday 30th June 20 seats



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